D-DAY. JUNE 6, 1944.

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"This re-enactor pays his respect not only by using original equipment, but every time he buys and saves someones (original named) items, every time he polishes his boots to look like glass and does it in the very same way.

Every little detail is researched and researched again.

He pays homage to the veterans, to the lost and does it with honour, respect, dignity and pride. A true, professional re-enactor who's standards are impeccable.

Approachable and knowledgeable with a sense of integrity devoted to the veterans and the fallen heroes of ww2."

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Officers Cap Insignia of the 326 Airborne Engineer Battalion


Beginning as a collector at the age of eight, with a passion for learning the history of WWII & the D-Day Landings, in which my Grandfather served & survived, it was only a matter of time before I became involved with re-enactment.


Now with almost 17 years experience in WWII Historical re-enactment & Interpretation, spending the first seven years as a battle re-enactor, using live weapons, blank ammunition and pyrotechnics, dedicate my time to studying this important time in history and attend events depicting 326 Airborne Engineers, or my Grandfather, Cpl, Royal Engineers, whilst wearing original uniforms & equipment.


Also with the extensive study of period film and photographs, use special effects on reproduction combat uniforms, (originals too valuable) to create the appearance of used, dirty and battle worn kit. This aids to demonstrate the real hardships of a US Paratrooper & British Soldier on D-Day & beyond.


Continuously taking time to study original wartime military training manuals, learning the terminology, skills, correct military etiquette and dress-code of the period, aim to demonstrate the look of the U.S Paratrooper and British Soldier that landed on D-Day, and by "looking the part," hope to show a sense of realism that is often lost by modern re-enactment.


Respected as a Progressive, professional WWII Historical Re-enactor, guided by a code of standards, (NO Alcohol,  Good Behaviour, Dress Code, etc.) that are essential for that extra degree of realism, but more importantly, as a mark of respect and appreciation for those that served and the many who gave their lives.



"I have been looking at your photo collection. Never before have I seen a so detailed representation of life as it was, your attention to detail is fantastic. ...you are truly one of us who have served. I extend all my respect to you and I am proud to have known you. I salute you and extend all the military respect I can afford someone like you.


Thanks for your service and dedication."



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